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Members of the Council

Carl E. Stewart (indefinite term)
Priscilla R. Owen (indefinite term)
E. Grady Jolly (term expires 12/31/15)
Edith H. Jones (term expires 12/31/16)
Jerry E. Smith (term expires 12/31/16)
Edward C. Prado (term expires 12/31/15)
Leslie H. Southwick (term expires 12/31/15)
Catharina Hayes (term expires 12/31/16)
James E. Graves, Jr. (term expires 12/31/14)
Stephen A. Higginson (term expires 12/31/14)
ELA Mary Ann Vial Lemmon (term expires 12/31/14)
MLA Shelly D. Dick (term expires 12/31/15)
WLA Patricia H. Minaldi (term expires 12/31/15)
NMS Glenn H. Davidson (term expires 12/31/16)
SMS Daniel P. Jordan, III (term expires 12/31/16)
NTX Barbara M.G. Lynn (term expires 12/31/16)
STX Ricardo H. Hinojosa. (term expires 12/31/15)
ETX Leonard E. Davis (term expires 12/31/14)
WTX Orlando L. Garcia (term expires 12/31/14)

Council Observers
Brenda T. Rhoades (term expires 12/31/16)
Nancy K. Johnson (term expires 12/31/16)