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Attn: Employees of the 5th Circuit
1. If you have not yet  contacted us , please call the following number: (713) 250-5707. Please be persistent and patient because the phone systems are overloaded.  Please provide us information concerning your safety and that of your family, your location and a way we can contact you.  We prefer a land-line telephone number because cell phones are currently unreliable.  
2. No one has lost his or her job because of the hurricane.  Some New Orleans banks are having electronic banking problems, but ultimately everyone will receive their salary.
3. The emergency "command post" for the court is currently located in Houston at the district court.  We will advise you where the interim court will be located as soon as possible.

4.  Please keep checking our website for additional information.

5.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Please send questions or comments to (substitute @ for _at_  ).