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Opinions Page

This site contains opinions (both published and unpublished) released from 1992 to the present.  If you are unable to locate an older opinion on our website please contact the Clerk's Office at Clerk's_Office at or call (504) 310-7700.

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Opinions Released in the Last 7 Days

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Published Unpublished
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
12-307149/25/2014Haleigh McBride, et al v. Estis Well Service L. L.
13-509419/26/2014Monkton Ins Services, Limited v. William Ritter
14-300339/25/2014RSUI Indemnity Company v. American States Insuranc
14-307359/26/2014Cedar Lodge Plantation, L.L.C., et al v. CSHV Fair
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
12-102479/24/2014USA v. Bradley Stark
13-107609/24/2014USA v. Miguel Macias-Fuentes
13-112219/26/2014USA v. Gloria Palacios
13-113979/29/2014USA v. Paul Harvilicz
13-202259/23/2014Keryl Douglas v. Houston Housing Authority, et al
13-312529/25/2014Ira Babin, II, et al v. Pam Breaux, et al
13-402039/24/2014USA v. Jesus Lopez, et al
13-403229/25/2014USA v. Hai Schaffer, et al
13-407199/25/2014USA v. Carolyn Boehm-McCauley
13-409109/29/2014USA v. Ramiro Hernandez-Acosta
13-413599/24/2014USA v. Rafael Ramirez-Alcala
13-504919/24/2014USA v. Marvin Steele
13-509009/25/2014Churchill Downs Incorporated, et al v. Chuck Trout
13-509049/23/2014USA v. Felipe Patricio-Pioquinto
13-510469/23/2014USA v. Israel Hernandez
13-510489/23/2014USA v. Israel Hernandez, Jr.
13-510789/23/2014USA v. Lorenzo Solis-Marquez
13-511169/25/2014USA v. Amanda Bohannon
13-607709/29/2014Javier Ortiz Macedo v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-607899/25/2014Rodolfo Villeda-Chinchilla v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-608209/25/2014Yapo Adon v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-608289/24/2014Jose Sanchez Ramirez v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-608489/25/2014Jorge Cantu v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-608759/23/2014USA v. Christopher Thompson, Jr.
13-609199/24/2014Xiu Chen v. Eric Holder, Jr.
14-100469/23/2014G & C Land v. Farmland Management Services
14-100689/29/2014USA v. Marcos Uribe-Nava
14-100949/24/2014USA v. Tony Breedlove
14-100969/24/2014USA v. Tony Breedlove
14-101559/29/2014Luis Madrid v. Jason Jones
14-102709/25/2014USA v. Jose Sarate-Mendoza
14-103329/29/2014USA v. Jose Moncada-Delarosa
14-202189/24/2014Beverly Roberts v. Lubrizol Corporation
14-202689/29/2014Joseph Young v. Harris County Mental Health, et al
14-301419/29/2014Durwin Abbott v. Percy Babin, et al
14-301929/29/2014Cyprian Ukudi v. McMoRan Oil & Gas, L.L.C.
14-308879/24/2014In Re: Glay Collier, II
14-400879/25/2014USA v. Rafael Linares
14-502329/29/2014USA v. Nicolas Pop-Aguilar
14-605129/29/2014Sergio Flores-Martinez v. Eric Holder, Jr.
14-605259/29/2014Librado Esparza Alfaro v. Eric Holder, Jr.
14-605789/29/2014Gustavo Sanchez-Letona v. Eric Holder, Jr.