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Opinions Page

This site contains opinions (both published and unpublished) released from 1992 to the present.  If you are unable to locate an older opinion on our website please contact the Clerk's Office at Clerk's_Office at or call (504) 310-7700.

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Published Unpublished
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
12-3071410/24/2014Haleigh McBride, et al v. Estis Well Service L. L.
12-6097710/23/2014Donald Franco-Casasola v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-1111910/20/2014Scott Casey, et al v. Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc.,
13-4086710/20/2014Parker Perret, et al v. Nationwide Mutual Ins Comp
13-4103310/20/2014USA v. Julio Fernandez
14-6037810/21/2014Evaristo Gonzalez Gonzalez v. Eric Holder, Jr.
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
12-1097810/22/2014Frankie Sims, et al v. Carrington Mtge Svc, L.L.C.
13-1063310/20/2014Lawrence Edler v. Hockley Cty Cmsnr Court, et al
13-2040610/22/2014USA v. Patrick Regan
13-2063310/24/2014USA v. Alvin Snowden
13-2077210/21/2014USA v. Jose Mejia-Escobar
13-3091410/23/2014Andrew Weary v. Burl Cain, Warden
13-3100310/20/2014USA v. Deangelo Johnson
13-4013410/24/2014USA v. Robert Hedrick
13-4041810/20/2014USA v. Jose Cortes-Ramirez
13-4091510/21/2014USA v. Rudy Garcia
13-4101110/23/2014USA v. Edwin Zacarias-Lopez
13-4102110/20/2014USA v. Roman Guillen
13-4105310/21/2014Trey Jones v. Nueces County, Texas, et al
13-4106010/20/2014M2 Technology, Incorporated v. M2 Software, Incorp
13-4122710/24/2014Sterling McKoy v. John Fox
13-4132610/24/2014USA v. Jose Zapata
13-5062110/20/2014Rosa Nieto-Ramirez v. Eric Holder, Jr., et al
13-5116710/22/2014USA v. Primitivo Marquez-Gatica
13-5117310/22/2014USA v. Primitivo Marquez-Gatica
13-6087210/21/2014Erika Salinas-Pacheco v. Eric Holder, Jr.
14-1008010/21/2014USA v. Luis Amezquita
14-1010010/24/2014USA v. Jack Hargrove
14-1014310/21/2014Carolyn Thomas v. Carolyn Colvin, Acting Cmsnr
14-1019110/22/2014Ronald Parham v. Ryder System, Incorporated
14-1021110/24/2014Carlos Toombs v. Dianna Massingill, et al
14-1048210/22/2014USA v. Jonathan Staker
14-1050210/21/2014USA v. Carlos Sotelo-Ramirez
14-1051410/24/2014Doretha Hall v. Fidelity & Guarnt Life Ins Co.
14-3004010/20/2014Ricky Lewis v. Paul Guillot, et al
14-3022410/24/2014Brandon Lavergne v. Mike Harson, et al
14-3024510/24/2014Brandon Lavergne v. Public Defender, et al
14-3025710/24/2014Brandon Lavergne v. Louisiana State Police
14-4000910/21/2014USA v. Eliza Lumbreras
14-4003910/23/2014USA v. Joel Cisneros
14-4017210/22/2014USA v. Jose Guerra
14-4019210/20/2014M2 Technology, Incorporated v. M2 Software, Incorp
14-4019710/20/2014Silvestre Moreno, Jr. v. Donna Independent School
14-4020210/20/2014USA v. Juan Serrano
14-4031910/22/2014Humberto Hinojosa v. USA, et al
14-4034510/24/2014USA v. Jason Klinefelter
14-5007610/21/2014USA v. Eduardo Perez-Lopez
14-5008810/20/2014USA v. Cirilo Carrizalez-Rodriguez
14-5018310/22/2014David Gremar, et al v. Bexar County, Texas
14-5024110/24/2014USA v. Pablo Vasquez
14-5032510/22/2014Betty Koger, et al v. CitiMortgage, Incorporated,
14-6022610/20/2014Gregory Dalton v. Cellular South, Inc.
14-6031210/20/2014Anthony Grose, Sr. v. Janet Napolitano, Secretary,