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Opinions Page

This site contains opinions (both published and unpublished) released from 1992 to the present.  If you are unable to locate an older opinion on our website please contact the Clerk's Office at Clerk's_Office at or call (504) 310-7700.

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Published Unpublished
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
12-310164/18/2014Hess Management Firm, L.L.C. v. Denise Bankston, e
13-407624/18/2014Mary Zapata, et al v. Manuel Barba, et al
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
11-504924/21/2014USA v. Ernesto Nieto-Torres
12-110704/18/2014Karen Austen v. Weatherford College
12-111484/21/2014USA v. Ericka Beh
12-112414/22/2014USA v. Jon Lyons
13-102994/23/2014USA v. Paul Martinez
13-105374/22/2014Bituminous Casualty Corp. v. Travelers Indemnity C
13-106424/17/2014USA v. James Eason, Jr.
13-107644/22/2014USA v. Jose Cardenas
13-107824/17/2014USA v. Elizabeth Escobedo
13-107924/17/2014USA v. Ovsanna Agopian
13-108364/17/2014Moshe Leichner v. Karen Edenfield
13-201964/18/2014Cynthia Spenrath v. Guardian Life Insurance Co.
13-202694/17/2014Carlos Hernandez v. J. Houston, et al
13-205904/17/2014Maurice Mitchell v. Thomas Reynolds, et al
13-302084/17/2014USA v. Johnny Layne
13-303634/17/2014Jonas Dennis v. Postal Service, et al
13-306804/18/2014Amerimex Recycling, L.L.C. v. PPG Industries, Inco
13-307034/21/2014USA v. Ndem Oduu
13-308564/18/2014Laurie Futral v. Paul Chastant
13-308814/22/2014Joseph Chisley, Jr. v. Terry Terrell
13-309674/21/2014Felix Ledezma v. Joseph Young
13-309804/17/2014Eric Dressner v. Robert Crowe, et al
13-310864/22/2014Southern U.S. Trade Assn, et al v. Unidentified Pa
13-400614/17/2014Roger Singha, et al v. BAC Home Loans Servicing, L
13-404254/17/2014USA v. Leonardo Lopez
13-404814/22/2014USA v. Erick Ochoa-Rodriguez
13-405704/22/2014USA v. Samuel Fajardo-Mendez
13-406364/17/2014Christopher Blackwell v. Troy Fox, et al
13-406684/17/2014USA v. Jennifer Rodriguez
13-409054/17/2014Marilyn Woods v. Turner Industries Grp, L.L.C.
13-409514/21/2014USA v. Noe Fermin-Sanchez
13-500934/17/2014USA v. Juanita Leyva
13-502354/22/2014Eric Sanders v. Harold Flanders
13-504104/22/2014USA v. Gerardo Ramos-Sabido
13-504294/17/2014USA v. Dennys Soto-Flores
13-504484/21/2014USA v. Leonel Persona-Devora
13-505944/22/2014Reginald Johnson, et al v. Clare Crook, et al
13-506544/21/2014USA v. Gregory Neal
13-506894/22/2014Katrina Hicks v. Austin Independent School Dist
13-602434/18/2014Muhammad Khan v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-605534/21/2014Daniel Pazo-Ricano v. Eric Holder, Jr.
14-102524/23/2014Kyev Tatum, Sr., et al v. Tarrant Regional Water D