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Opinions Page

This site contains opinions (both published and unpublished) released from 1992 to the present.  If you are unable to locate an older opinion on our website please contact the Clerk's Office at Clerk's_Office at or call (504) 310-7700.

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Opinions Released in the Last 7 Days

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Published Unpublished
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
12-312688/19/2014Denise Pleasant, et al v. USA, et al
13-108698/20/2014Sullo & Bobbitt, P.L.L.C., et al v. Greg Abbott, e
13-305458/20/2014USA v. William Iraheta, et al
13-306818/22/2014USA v. Johnnie Traxler
13-403268/20/2014Mc Allen Grace Brethren Church, et al v. U.S. Atto
13-508708/22/2014USA v. Marvin Washington
13-605408/21/2014Rodricus Hurst v. Lee County, Mississippi
13-608068/18/2014Stephen Munn, et al v. City of Ocean Springs, MS
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
12-302518/19/2014Paul Holden v. U.S. United Ocean Services
13-101448/19/2014USA v. Robert Lopez-Parker
13-102938/21/2014Benny Falcon v. Tyler Holly
13-109298/22/2014USA v. John Sturm
13-109398/21/2014Albert Hill, III v. Tom Hunt, et al
13-109808/21/2014USA v. Alejandro Trevino-Fuentes
13-110788/22/2014USA v. Albert Owens, Jr.
13-110888/20/2014USA v. Gabriel Guel-Escobedo
13-111068/19/2014USA v. Juan Trejo
13-111098/22/2014USA v. Martin Castillo-Curiel
13-111958/22/2014USA v. Crystal Mason-Hobbs
13-112888/22/2014USA v. Rodney Amie
13-113248/18/2014USA v. Gabriel Villanueva
13-113558/21/2014USA v. Jacob Villarreal
13-113858/21/2014USA v. Mario Viveros-Hernandez
13-114108/20/2014USA v. Louis Griego, Jr.
13-206058/19/2014Joni Saloom v. TX Dept of Family and Child, et al
13-206408/18/2014Armando Gonzalez v. Robert Herrera, et al
13-311248/18/2014USA v. Evers Harris
13-312348/21/2014Marcus Williams v. Burl Cain, Warden
13-406548/22/2014USA v. Raymundo Longoria-Chapa
13-407428/19/2014USA v. David Ladouceur
13-407688/21/2014USA v. Jose Rodriguez
13-408978/19/2014USA v. Andres Cortez
13-409118/20/2014USA v. Todd Britton-Harr
13-410848/22/2014USA v. Cecilio Gallegos-Aguilar
13-411488/22/2014Graham Mortgage Corporation v. Tommy Goff
13-412988/20/2014USA v. Adriana Trevino
13-413088/20/2014USA v. Adriana Diaz-De Trevino
13-508288/20/2014USA v. Genaro Pargas-Rodriguez
13-509898/18/2014USA v. Bandy Walls
13-511588/18/2014USA v. Jose Bonilla-Rivera
13-603528/19/2014Charlene Crear v. Gregory Horn
13-605978/19/2014USA v. George Hilliard
13-606138/20/2014Fernando Lopez-Barraza v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-607928/19/2014Feng Wang v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-608248/22/2014Daniel Jeanty v. Eric Holder, Jr.
14-100098/20/2014Jackie Bibbs v. Bill Harris, et al
14-101888/21/2014Rose Clewis v. Medco Health Solutions, Inc., et al
14-200388/22/2014USA v. Ponciano Arellano
14-300168/22/2014USA v. Damario Henderson
14-301908/18/2014Jo-Dee Ortego v. Dept of Trans and Development, et
14-302018/19/2014USA v. Mark Holper
14-501198/20/2014Aletha Weaver v. Basic Energy Services, L.P., et a
14-502438/21/2014James Baker v. Rachel Chapa, et al
14-600528/20/2014USA v. Charlie Harris