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Opinions Page

This site contains opinions (both published and unpublished) released from 1992 to the present.  If you are unable to locate an older opinion on our website please contact the Clerk's Office at Clerk's_Office at or call (504) 310-7700.

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Opinions Released in the Last 7 Days

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Published Unpublished
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
11-1016610/29/2014Doug Crownover, et al v. Mid-Continent Casualty Co
12-3119310/29/2014USA v. Randy Randall
12-4142410/28/2014USA v. Fredi Segovia
13-3015010/30/2014Levi Coleman, Sr., et al v. H.C. Price Company, et
13-3063910/27/2014Nathan Rice, et al v. Reliastar Life Insurance Co.
13-3077810/30/2014USA v. Angela Myers
13-3083910/27/2014USA v. Stephen Banks
13-4120910/29/2014USA v. Victor Cortez-Cortez
13-5092610/30/2014USA v. Samuel Rojas
DocketLast UpdatedTitle
12-4123510/30/2014USA v. Juan Lara
13-1000110/30/2014USA v. Stephen Hagin
13-1022210/29/2014USA v. Markesha Hall
13-1034410/31/2014Anthony Walker v. William Stephens, Director
13-1080410/29/2014USA v. Tod Pimpton, Jr.
13-1113410/28/2014USA v. Valentin Monjaras-Pichardo
13-1115710/29/2014USA v. Patricia Rudzavice
13-1137410/29/2014Hope Knaust v. U.S. Dept of Agriculture, et al
13-2043010/29/2014Uretek (USA), Incorporated v. Ureteknologia De Mex
13-2050610/31/2014USA v. Ryan Solis
13-3107710/27/2014Bridgefield Casualty Insurance v. River Oaks Manag
13-3117810/28/2014Mike Evans Crane Svc, L.L.C. v. Cashman Equipment
13-3126010/28/2014Louisiana Sportsmen Alliance v. Tom Vilsack, et al
13-4049110/30/2014USA v. Darlin Rodriguez-Herrera
13-4077310/27/2014USA v. Francisco Sierra
13-4100110/30/2014Raymond Potoski v. John Fox
13-4134110/29/2014USA v. Alejandro Sanchez-Gomez
13-5038410/29/2014USA v. Emanuel Ferman
13-5043210/29/2014USA v. Terry Ayers
13-5110710/27/2014USA v. Orlando Barr
13-5111210/30/2014USA v. Jeffrey McMaryion
13-6062510/28/2014Rafael Martinez Rodriguez v. Eric Holder, Jr.
13-6081210/27/2014Carol Weems v. Lauderdale County Sch Dist, et al
13-6085410/29/2014Benny Saucier v. Aviva Life and Annuity Company
13-6088310/30/2014Min Gurung v. Eric Holder, Jr.
14-1006710/28/2014USA v. Benjamin Mason
14-1014810/29/2014Chasity Medlock v. Ace Cash Express, Incorporated
14-1022410/29/2014USA v. Brenton Deubler
14-1028210/30/2014Herbert Fletcher v. Douglas Shulman, et al
14-1041410/30/2014Lori Haberman v. USA
14-2045010/30/2014Darrel Burditt v. Judge Daniel Leedy, et al
14-3009510/29/2014Tommie Rice, et al v. Cornerstone Hosp of W Monroe
14-3027510/27/2014Brandon Lavergne v. Busted in Acadiana
14-3028810/27/2014Brandon Lavergne v. Leslie Turk, et al
14-3034510/27/2014USA v. James Johnson
14-4011110/28/2014USA v. Oscar Turcios-Rivera
14-4012110/30/2014USA v. Victor Ponce-Guerrero
14-4054210/31/2014Richard Cavada, Sr. v. John McHugh
14-5049010/29/2014USA v. Samatha Castro
14-5116010/27/2014In re: Miguel Paredes
14-6000310/27/2014Norman McMaster v. Eric Holder, Jr.
14-6003910/29/2014Cesar Orihuela Castro v. Eric Holder, Jr.
14-6004710/30/2014USA v. Christopher Montgomery
14-6005310/27/2014USA v. Kenneth Brown